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Add an annual turnover of more than $19.4 billion to a rental and leasing fleet made up of more than one million vehicles spread across some 9,000 locations worldwide and you get Enterprise Rent-A-Car - a business that's grown into the largest car rental company in the world.

The fact is, we owe our success to each and every one of our people, from senior managers to management trainees alike. We firmly believe in empowering each of them to make the decisions that will affect their work and their career. This philosophy, along with our uncompromising commitment to customers, is what has made Enterprise a genuine success story and a truly special place to work.

It is also one of the reasons we were named the TARGETjobs Graduate Employer of the Year 2016.

Just imagine the possibilities that come with joining a huge, internationally successful business with the type of personal, entrepreneurial approach which allows individuals to stand out.

Our secret lies in the fact that we're divided up into thousands of smaller, local businesses. So when you take one of our trainee graduate jobs, you'll be learning how to run the business yourself. And how many organisations with a $19.4 billion turnover can say that?

As for tomorrow? Rest assured - with the plans we have in place, our future is set to be a bright and rewarding one. And, as an Enterprise management trainee, you'll be one of the new generation helping us write the next chapter of our success story.

Start a career that could take you anywhere at www.enterprisealive.co.uk.

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Case Studies

  • Name: Annabel Bergius
  • Role: Graduate Business Management Trainee
  • University: Durham University
  • Degree: MA Classics

Enterprise's scheme struck me as extremely fast-track - recruitment is at entry-level only, with the vast majority of promotions available only to Enterprise employees. Some trainees can expect to be promoted to management within 6-8 months. This is backed up by the company's string of employment-related accolades - as well as consistently appearing in the Times' "Top 50 Places where Women Want to Work", it's been voted TARGETJobs Graduate Employer of the Year 2013 by a panel of experts and UK students themselves.

Working at Enterprise throws you in at the deep end - you need to have a level head, a sunny personality and be able to multi-task efficiently. Perhaps the most important responsibility from your induction is to act as the face of the Enterprise brand and ensure you deliver excellent customer service both on the phone and in person.

This responsibility extends to your ability to sell effectively and market the brand which directly impacts the branch's revenue. You are also expected to manage the branch's corporate accounts effectively, acting as a financial controller by ensuring they pay their invoices in a timely manner; as well as to take on a Personnel role in training your fellow management trainees.

As your time in the branch continues and your understanding of the business evolves, you increase your responsibilities by directly assisting your management in running the branch - as part of your training you are expected to "run the day", which is essentially organising how the branch will operate. Ultimately, the responsibilities incorporate customer service, sales, marketing, financial, HR and general management duties.

It's a very fast paced job - one minute, I might be dealing with a customer checking them into the vehicle, the next, I'm off to see a corporate account to improve our professional relationship and increase business with them. There's also the training to get through, which sets all sorts of objectives to complete such as hitting particular sales targets, arranging marketing events or attending various training days.

In a few months, I should hopefully be eligible for promotion to assistant manager with branch management on the cards not long after that - it's possible to get there within two years. My long term goal is to learn as much as I can about the business, and then ideally move into Head Office should the opportunity present itself.

The scheme incorporates my core interests - all aspects of sales, marketing and customer service - and there's comprehensive training in business management. I also like that Enterprise is a global brand which is instantly recognisable to most people - as one of the largest car rental companies in the world with an annual revenue of $15.4 billion, it certainly stands out on your CV as a memorable company to work for!

Training & Profiles

Management Training Programme

Our Management Training Programme allows you to develop the skills you'll need to move into senior management. With our help, you'll hone your talents in key areas such as sales and marketing, customer service and finance. It's entirely possible to be a Branch Manager within just two years of starting, and it really is up to you how fast you move up.

Our career progression
Throughout the scheme, there's a series of carefully monitored tests and evaluations, after which you'll receive pay increases, rewards, and more opportunities for promotion, working your way up to Branch Manager, then Area Manager, City Manager and beyond. You'll also have the opportunity to specialise if you find an area of the business you're particularly interested in, such as HR, Marketing or Finance.

To find out more and apply online, visit our website at www.enterprisealive.co.uk

Application Procedure

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