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Studying in Bristol provides graduates with an excellent education and exposure to a fantastic city. Bristol is home to several large universities and has a reputation for producing graduates who can compete for the top jobs.

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We wanted to know how graduates from Bristol differed from those from around the country in terms of career ambitions, academic achievement and work experience.

To do this, we looked at graduates who registered with in the last five years to see how their most popular sectors line up against national trends, how their degree classifications compare, and whether or not their rates of work experience are similar to those from the rest of the UK.


The five most popular sectors for graduates from Bristol match those from graduates around the country: Management, Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations, Banking and Finance, but one key difference turns up: sectors like Advertising and Public Relations and Marketing are more popular with students from Bristol. Marketing is chosen by 30.3% of students from Bristol, over the national average of 28.3%, and Advertising and Public Relations is chosen by 26.1% of graduates from Bristol universities compared to just 22.3% of graduates from the rest of the UK.

Top 5 sectors for graduates from Bristol

Degree Classification

The results of our study show that Bristol produces astute and hardworking graduates. Of Bristol's graduates, 11% receive the top classification of a First Class degree - slightly ahead of the national average of 9.8%. But the quality of Bristol's graduates can really be seen in the 54.5% who earned an Upper Second Class (2:1) degree, much higher than the national average of 48.1%.

Degree classifications for graduates from Bristol

Work Experience

Graduates from Bristol have proved themselves to be hardworking - 17.7% are able to earn work experience alongside their studies, above the national average of 16.6%. Bristol is also above similar cities like Leeds (15.2%), Manchester (15.2%) and Newcastle (15.1%). Excellent news for graduates from Bristol, as employers often consider work experience as a key factor in a graduate's employability.

Work experience for graduates from Bristol