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At Severn Trent, you'll join the next generation of Engineers, Financial Experts, Digital Innovators and Business Leaders who are helping us to meet the challenges of the 21st century. We're doing that in incredible ways, from embracing mobile technology to running our own renewable energy businesses. We want to become the most trusted water company by 2020: you can turn that vision into a reality.

Water underpins every part of our day-to-day lives. That means that, as culture, technology, and the environment change, we'll need to change too. In fact, we already are. As a Graduate or Undergraduate at Severn Trent, you'll be at the forefront of a major transformation that's impacting people and businesses, across the UK.

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Case Studies

  • Name: Alexandra
  • Role: Graduate on Technical Leadership Programme
  • University: University of Manchester
  • Degree: MEng Chemical Engineering

"Severn Trent offers great opportunities for Engineers to dip their toes into different areas, from the business and commercial side to something more operationally or design focused, like leakage and process efficiencies."

"Being an Engineer, you have really high levels of responsibility at Severn Trent. You're designing and involved in construction of assets, giving specialist advice, and you have to constantly protect the environment."

  • Name: Irren Paul
  • Role: Graduate on Business Leadership Programme
  • Joined: September 2014
  • University: Loughborough University
  • Degree: BSc Psychology

"I think that being a good leader is about knowing your strengths and understanding your team. Your training at Severn Trent will prepare you to become a leader. I've just worked on a Graduate strategic challenge sponsored by the executive team: we looked at new performance targets and presented our ideas to the CEO."

"It was such a great experience to have so early on in my career."

  • Name: James
  • Role: Technical Leadership - Electrical Engineering
  • University: University of Hull
  • Degree: MEng Electronic Engineering

Engineers are expected to challenge the status quo. We're encouraged to ask: how could we do things differently? Lots of companies tell you that Graduates get involved in real-life projects, but at Severn Trent they really mean it. In my first week, I was leading a project developing new technology for a sewage works; I couldn't believe it. This meant real responsibility right at the beginning of my career.

  • Name: Max

“One of the most important things when choosing a Graduate scheme was having the ability to direct my own career”

For me as an individual one of the most important things when choosing aGraduate scheme was having the ability to direct my own career and not be tied down to a given job role. At Severn Trent everyone is geared up to facilitate this, from your line manager, to your colleagues, to your Graduate development team everyone is on hand to help you get to where you want to be. The developmental benefits of being able to do this are incredibly rewarding, especially if you are planning for a leadership role or aiming for your engineering chartership. I am currently a Process Design Engineer. Day to day activities can cover a whole variety of tasks, such as report writing, commissioning, site visits and liaising with contractors. But the workload will ultimately depend on where we sit in the 5 year plan. Currently a lot of projects are heading into what we call ‘gate 3’. This is where we have identified a process risk or need and have decided on a single solution to meet that. Our job would then be to produce a detailed design report for our contractors to base their build specifications on. This report will need to be quite extensive and deal with any risks that could affect the process. Getting this right is paramount as a well-designed asset and process will give robust resilience and ultimately save the company money.

My experiences have definitely been varied. From organising a ‘Graduate day’, to doing operational field training, or even spending a day with the Customer Team. I have certainly had the opportunity to go beyond the scope of my job role and experience all the different challenges Severn Trent Encounters.

  • Name: Tom
  • Role: Graduate on Business Leadership Programme
  • University: University of Leeds
  • Degree: BEng Civil Engineering

"Everyone here is really approachable, which means you can be proactive in asking questions and finding out about different opportunities. It's definitely up to the individual to drive development here. And the programme is flexible, so you can steer your career in the direction you want it to go."

"That's something I've benefited from, because I've had a lot of influence and control over my placements and professional goals."

Training & Profiles

At the end of your Graduate Programme, you'll have the key tools and understanding you need to take on a substantive role at Severn Trent. In some instances, our Graduates will step into one of these positions immediately in a department of their choice before making that transition.

Whichever route you end up taking, we'll continue to support you, explaining your options and helping you to pick one that suits your objectives.

You'll get a tailored training and development plan and a personal mentor who'll help guide you in your day-to-day role. Your personal development plan will help you drive and own your career progression. This will be set and agreed with your Line Manager and reviewed regularly to inform your quarterly performance reviews. We also encourage you to attend any training courses externally that are relevant to your role.

Application Procedure

We assess each individual application against the strengths we know are important to success within Severn Trent.

At the same time as completing your application form, you'll also be invited to complete our Situational Strengths Test (SST). This test provides you with the opportunity to learn more about Severn Trent as a number of real work scenarios are presented. You'll be required to rank possible response options from most to least effective. Both your application form and SST results will be reviewed when deciding who'll progress to the next stage. Regardless of whether you're successful at this stage, or not, you'll receive a personalised feedback report with developmental guidance on your top three strengths, as measured through the SST, therefore please do be as honest as possible with your responses to the scenarios presented.

If you're successful, you'll then be invited to take our online verbal and numerical reasoning tests, within three working days. Following completion of both reasoning tests all candidates will be provided with feedback on their performance. You'll also be informed separately whether you've been successful with an invite to attend a half day assessment centre.

In the final stage, successful candidates will be asked to complete a mind-set questionnaire relating to the programme they have applied to (please note this is not applicable to those applying to a Finance Programme) and be asked to attend a half-day assessment centre. One week prior to your assessment centre you'll also be provided with a candidate brief so that you're able to prepare for a presentation on the day.

On the day itself, you'll also take part in a group discussion, role-play, deliver your presentation and a strengths-based interview. If you're successful in passing the assessment centre you'll be offered a role on one of our Graduate Leadership Programmes (please note: this is subject to passing a mandatory drug and alcohol test and completion of successful referencing).

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What do I need to be eligible to apply for the Graduate Leadership Programmes and Undergraduate Placements?

• Business Leadership Programme: a degree in any discipline, with any grade qualification
Technical Leadership - Engineering Programme: an accredited engineering related degree, with any grade qualification. Roles are available in any of the following areas: Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation, Chemical or Civil
Technical Leadership - Information Systems Programme: a Business or Computing related degree subject, with any grade qualification Technical Leadership - Finance Programme: a degree in any discipline and with any grade qualification
Engineering Undergraduate Summer/Year Placements: Be working towards an accredited Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical or Civil Engineering degree
Finance Undergraduate Placement: Be working towards a degree, in any discipline

Please note: You'll also be eligible to work permanently in the UK without restriction.

How are the Graduate Leadership Programmes and Undergraduate Placements at Severn Trent structured?
Our Graduate Leadership Programmes and Undergraduate Summer Placements are structured to ensure that you receive a broad range of experience and development opportunities across the different areas within our business.

For the Business Leadership Programme, over twenty-seven months you'll complete three varied nine-month placements leading projects and teams.

For our Technical Leadership - Engineering Programme and Undergraduate Summer/Year Placement, you'll complete a range of placements, projects and secondments including with our Supply Chain partners focussing on different elements of your chosen specialism aligned to the UK Spec, ensuring you're constantly working towards becoming Chartered. The projects on the Summer Placements are over twelve weeks and the Year-long Placement is forty-eight weeks long.

The Technical Leadership - Information Systems Programme, over three, nine-month placements across the twenty-seven months, you'll have end-to-end responsibility for live projects and programmes.

Our Technical Leadership - Finance Graduate Programme combines four, nine-month operational and commercial rotations and fully-funded training to help you work towards a CIMA or ACCA qualification. Our Undergraduate Summer Placement runs for twelve weeks and offers a unique opportunity to experience finance from a business perspective. You'll work across our four key finance teams: Financial Service Centre, Performance and Planning, Treasury, Group Finance and Internal Audit.

What support will I be provided with on the programmes and placements?
We have a strong network in place to support your development, including the Graduate Programme HR Team and Leadership Programme Coordinators in each business area. They will provide regular feedback on your performance. You'll work closely with your Line Manager and have quarterly performance reviews to discuss your progress, review action plans and discuss future development. You will also be assigned a mentor, a senior colleague who will share their experiences and champion you as you develop your career at Severn Trent.

What additional development will I receive whilst on the programmes and placements?
Your operational placements on the programmes focus on developing the key skills and experience that you'll require to be a future leader for Severn Trent, either through leading teams of people or key business projects. You'll combine fun on the job learning with formal leadership development training modules, which include: Project Management Intro, Fab Financials, Empowering Leadership and Awesome Customer Experience.

We encourage you to attend any training courses externally that are relevant to your role, as well as the wealth of internal training opportunities available across the business.

As part of your development you'll have a personal development plan, to help drive and own your development. This will be set and agreed with your Line Manager and reviewed regularly to inform your bi-annual performance reviews.

Where will I be based and will I be required to travel?
The Graduate Leadership Programmes and Undergraduate Placements at Severn Trent require you to work across a range of our operational sites and key offices across the Severn Trent Water region as part of your placements whilst on the programme. Meetings and training courses are also held across the region, so willingness to be flexible with location and mobile is essential.

The Information Systems and Finance Programmes will be based primarily between our Coventry and Solihull offices, although travel between sites may also be required.

When will I find out if I've been successful after my assessment centre?
Our final assessment centre is due to be held in January 2017, but we aim to make offers to successful candidates as soon as possible. Our first assessment centres begin at the end of October. You'll hear back from us within a week of your assessment centre date with initial feedback.

If you're unsuccessful at assessment centre, we'll arrange for feedback to be provided on your performance at the assessment centre should you request it.

Do you pay expenses to candidates travelling to the assessment centre?
Unfortunately we're unable to offer full reimbursement for expenses you incur in attending interview or assessment centre. However, if you're spending considerable amounts of money to attend, please raise this and we'll aim to accommodate individual circumstances where possible to do so.

When will the Graduate Leadership Programmes and Undergraduate Placements start?
The Graduate Leadership Programmes all start in September 2017 - although there may be opportunities for an earlier start date for some of the roles available, which will be discussed at the assessment centre.

The Engineering and Finance Undergraduate Summer Placements run from July 2017 - September 2018 and the Engineering Year Placements run from September 2017 - September 2018.

  • What happens after the programmes finish?
    As a Graduate within Severn Trent, you are on a permanent contract. Towards the end of your Graduate Programme, we'll assist you to actively look for and secure your next role within the organisation - a role that continues to challenge and develop you as a leader.

  • After completing an Undergraduate Placement, it's a gateway into a career at Severn Trent and you'll be considered for a permanent position.

Does Severn Trent offer Work Experience?
Unfortunately we aren't able to offer Work Experience placements at the present time. We're currently reviewing our work experience offering with a view to running a selection of formal week-long placements which include a mix of activities and provide a great insight into Severn Trent as a whole rather than supporting individual requests. These are due to start sometime in 2017.

As a consequence we won't be able to support individual requests right now, but would like to redirect you to our Graduate Programmes and Undergraduate Placements which may be of interest.