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A long-term approach.

Baillie Gifford was established as an investment management partnership over 100 years ago. Today, with more than 900 people based in Edinburgh, we are a leading independent global investment management business with over £100 billion under management.

We look to buy stakes in companies that have the potential to grow significantly over the long-term - and our track record has proved our ability to seek out and invest in businesses that change the way the world looks - like Amazon, Alphabet (Google), Tesla, Facebook, TripAdvisor, Alibaba and Ocado for example. In other words, we put a high value on innovative thinkers - and that's as true of our colleagues just as much as the companies we work with.

Imagining the Future.

Create the ideas, concepts and solutions that will drive future development. Use your curiosity, imagination and individual thinking to explore new possibilities and opportunities. Welcome to Baillie Gifford - and a group of people who think like you. A team of 900+ individuals, based in Edinburgh, who shape the future of this leading global investment management firm. Join one of our four graduate training programmes - and shape your future too.

Investment Management

Research potential investments from every possible angle - politics, people, culture, geography, social-economic conditions and more. Seek out the unique angle or insight that no one else has spotted. We welcome applications from all degree subjects but you'll need to be an original thinker who can present a compelling argument.

Application Development

Creating innovative software solutions to make our business work better. We work with users to define and create systems with technologies including relational database design, HTML5, Java Script, ASP.NET MVC, Oracle SQL and PL/SQL, and C#. You'll need an IT related degree, and real commercial awareness.

Technical Infrastructure

Exploring how advanced technologies can shape the future of imaginative business solutions. Our team maintains and develops the entire IT infrastructure. Our platform uses technologies from leading vendors such as EMC, Oracle, Splunk, Cisco, F5, Microsoft, Apple and Palo Alto. You'll have studied an IT related degree, but just as important you must be able to explain to us how technology can make our business better.

Business Operations

Interested in business? Join a two-year rotational programme, and experience the full cycle of over a dozen operational teams which support our growing business. Once you've built that foundation, launch your career in a specialism that's matched to your talents, skills and aspirations. Your degree could be in any subject.

Case Studies

  • Name: TOM SLATER
  • Role: Now a Partner, Long Term Global Growth
  • Joined: 2000
  • University: University of Edinburgh
  • Degree: BSc Computer Science and Mathematics

Developing a passion

When I first joined as a graduate trainee, becoming a partner was a remote goal. But as my career progressed, I became more passionate about this firm. Now I'm part of a group which steers the firm's future, and that's hugely rewarding.

Intellectual powerhouse

I didn't want the type of job where you sit at a computer for 14 hours a day. Right from my first interview, this felt like an exciting place to be. It's an intellectual powerhouse filled with people whose opinions I respect.

The world is your oyster

At university you study one subject in depth. At Baillie Gifford you gain a wide range of knowledge about many subjects, but not from textbooks or newspapers. You meet people who change the world: innovative, inspiring people like Jeff Bezos at Amazon and Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook.

Learn from your mistakes

At first it's scary talking to people who obviously know more than you do, but there's no substitute for experience. I believe you're not a real investor until you've persuaded your team to buy a stock and it falls to zero. You have to be resilient; you will make a lot of mistakes and there's a lot to learn.

What's your opinion?

Ultimately your motivation should be to pursue what you're most interested in. We want people with an original perspective who can explore, question and come up with fresh ideas.

  • Role: 2009
  • Joined: Now a Team Leader
  • University: Heriot Watt University
  • Degree: BSc Mathematics & Finance

What's your job?

In some organisations, the Operations team sits apart - here we're right at the heart of things. I manage an accounting team working with one of our external providers, but as most of our people are based on-site here, building strong relationships around the organisation is as important as understanding the business processes.

Building confidence

I didn't know what to expect when I first joined but now I understand how Baillie Gifford ticks, I realise that there was nothing to be nervous about. I've gained experience right around our business with lots of on-the-job training.

Finding my niche

If you're interested in seeing how a complete business works, you couldn't get a better platform. The access to people is unparalleled, and the rotations I worked through during my graduate scheme gave me the opportunity to find out what I'm good at, and where to specialise.

The right type

It's good to have a balance between being logical and being creative, because ideas are important. Apart from that, you need to be professional, enthusiastic and genuinely interested in the real world of work.

Team spirit

I believe it doesn't matter what job someone does - we're all here to help the business do well. I love the people management side, and enjoy looking for improvements with my team. The reality of business in practice is that it's definitely not just a process; it's the people who implement it - and the relationships.

  • Role: Application Developer
  • Joined: 2012
  • University: Edinburgh Napier University
  • Degree: MSc Information Systems Development

Right from Day One

I originally graduated in English but I was always interested in IT so the MSc course was great for me. During my student days, I had the opportunity to meet with lots of big name employers across different sectors, but finance really appealed to me.

At my interview I quickly realised what a friendly environment it is. When I think back to my first day, one of the most obvious plusses was that I had my own desk! Too often you hear about people turning up and feeling a little ‘unwanted' in their new workplace.

Putting knowledge into practice

I also liked the fact that it was clearly explained to me what I'd be doing during the first three months of the programme. This included lots of training courses including business and asset management - which I didn't know much about. Thanks to that, I was able to quickly orientate within the team and the wider business. I've used a lot of the new knowledge I gained since then, and it makes it so much easier to communicate with my colleagues.

Finding my strengths

I completed my training programme in May 2014, though I'm still learning every day. Having worked with different departments including the Legal team and Corporate Governance, there's been less formalised training recently. It's more about identifying what I want to do and where there are gaps in my knowledge. For example, when I wanted more exposure to web development and requested additional training, my line manager supported me.


Now I'm part of a small project team working closely with end users to an agreed business plan. The project will complete this year and I'll be directly involved with it right through to the end. When I think of the projects I've worked on, I can honestly say that I've always had an equal voice - even when I'd just begun. It's great to see how projects evolve over time and new ways of working are developed. Often that's because teams can approach others within the department for technical advice, which is made easier by the fact that we're all based in one location.

Ongoing learning

This year I was really pleased to attend DevWeek in London. It was an intensive learning experience though, with full day courses on Xamarin, debugging apps and other technologies including Agile project management and front-end design optimisation. This has been a definite highlight of my time at Baillie Gifford to date.

Application Procedure

Please go to our website and apply via CV and cover letter.

Where are your offices based?
Our head office is in Edinburgh. We also have offices in New York and London however these offices are primarily used for marketing purposes. Our graduate roles are based in our office in Edinburgh.

What do the next five years look like for Baillie Gifford?
We aim to continue growing our business through organic growth, focusing on the longer-term investments to generate superior earnings growth. We aim to provide clients with the highest level of service and continue to develop an excellent understanding of their needs. We also aim to continue to recruit and retain some of the best people in the industry and focus entirely on investment management as our core business.

Who do I contact if I have a special requirement and need help applying for the scheme?
We're an equal opportunities employer and want to do everything we can to make our application process as accessible as possible. So we're happy to provide support - just phone us on 0131 275 2000.

Do you expect your employees to relocate?
Successful candidates will be willing to either relocate or commute to Edinburgh if they accept a place on one of our graduate programmes.

Do I need to have graduated within the last three years?
There is no time limit for how long ago you were awarded a degree and we welcome application from individuals who have gained some post-graduate work experience.

How long before I hear back about my application?
You will receive an automated response when you submit your application to confirm that we have received it. We will be aim to get back to you within 4-6 week to advise how we will progress your application, however, depending on the number of applications, this timescale may be extended.

Where will interviews take place?
At our offices in Edinburgh.