Pharmaceutical Recruitment Consultant - Asoria Group

Salary: £20,000 to £25,000 + Bonus + Benefits
Location: London
Start date: Ongoing
Sectors: Sales, Recruitment

What is the job?
In a nutshell you will be responsible for accessing talent our clients are unable to find and vice versa. On a broader scale your role is to understand client and candidate challenges and work with them to find and deliver solutions. Sure you will be expected to cold call and from time to time have difficult conversations but we are looking for people excited about creating opportunities and solving problems.

The role of recruiter has moved on and it is no longer good enough to bring on new clients and manage candidate pools on a database. You will be expected to immerse yourself in your market, attend events, create events, provide commentary & insight, blog, engage with wider talent pools, utilise social media, build a personal brand.

When we talk of selling we mean advising, negotiating, finding solutions, having direct conversations, taking yourself and your customers out of your comfort zone. Solutions, solutions, solutions. Did we mention solutions?

Who will it suit?
Money and career progression are obvious drivers for most of us in the recruitment space. However, to be successful in this role on a day to day basis there is so much more required:

• A genuine passion for one of our core markets and a desire to help shape their future growth.
• Exceptional all round communication skills. Empathy and listening are key. If you do not know the problem, you cannot find a solution.
• You will need you to have genuine drive and self-motivation. If you are motivated by the idea of creating something, then this is for you.
• Bring solutions not problems. Did we mention this already?
• An inner confidence, both in yourself and the services you are selling. You do not need to be the loudest, craziest kid in town but you need to have a voice.
• Resilience. Clichéd but so true. Not all recruiters are universally loved. Be one of the great ones though and you have a customer for life.
• Someone who is lively, passionate, straight-talking and creative. We live and breathe our values so when we hire this is non-negotiable!

Starting to get interested?

Who are we and why work for us?
The Asoria Group is a multi-award winning recruitment group, with 4 specialist brands (Digital, Green, Property & Life Sciences). Headquartered in London Waterloo we operate from offices in Europe, Middle East and Asia servicing clients across 50 countries.

Why should you join us? We can sit here and write about all the things we offer. Great commission, lots of benefits, career progression, "Incredible Training", holidays blah blah blah but so do our competitors, big deal.

We are unique. Our people, our attitude to pushing boundaries, our ability to take our jobs very seriously but not ourselves, our personal story, our future plans. It is hard to put our DNA into words so all we can say is come and meet us and see.

What next?
Get in touch! Request more information, have a chat, come and meet us. If now is not the right time, check us out online, follow us on YouTube, like us on Facebook, engage with us, send our details to a friend who may be!


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