Allianz Global Investors – Global Graduate Programme

Salary: Competitive
Location: London
Start date: Sep-2018
Sectors: Consultancy, Finance

Over 24 months you will have the opportunity to rotate around different business specialisations, as well as spending time working in other locations around the world.

This engagement will include a comprehensive overview of the firm, built upon a job rotation plan between different departments, punctuated by dedicated learning modules; giving you privileged access to company insights and people.

Everyone is unique. So we will give you the experience and exposure that suit your abilities and personal aspirations. To consolidate the overarching knowledge you will gain within the company, you will also specialise in a business area – selecting one of three available tracks.

From your very first day on the programme you will be a valued member of the team and have the opportunity to work with teams and individuals across our global business.

Start your development journey with us, to make a difference to the next generation of investment and business professionals.

Find your track
Your first step is to choose between Investment Management, Business Development and Business Operations. Joining a particular track will in no way limit your development. Should you wish to experience a rotation that’s offered in a different track, this can be arranged. By the end of the programme you will have developed hands-on expertise across different areas of the business.

Key elements of the programme
Our commitment is to provide you with an enriched experience during the programme and there are some key elements in common for all the graduates, regardless of the chosen track.

Induction session
All graduates come together to learn, seizing the opportunity to form lasting relationships and creating an instant peer support network.

Manager – sponsor - coach
A designated manager will be your sponsor and coach throughout the programme, designing your job rotation plan and supporting your professional development – with an additional business manager mentoring you.

International assignment
You will spend a two-month period in a region other than your initial location. This will give you the opportunity to further enhance your skills in a different environment: widening your experience by working in a new country.

Special projects
In your second year, you will have the chance to be involved in a special project with international exposure.

Learning opportunities
You will have access to all our internal learning resources, including our online Learning Management System, as well as language courses in English, French and German.

We offer full sponsorship for the Chartered Financial Analyst certificate.