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Delivering results - job done. is one of the UK's only websites dedicated to providing access to second jobbers. We've been providing a service to recruiters for over three years. Our experience and understanding of the market enables us to attract the highest quality candidates to your vacancies. We really understand the value of second jobbers and want to assist you in recruiting them into your orgnisation. The feedback we regularly receive from recruiters is that the find second jobbers:

  • better at communicating in a business environment
  • more commercially aware having had additional exposure to the working environment
  • easier to retain as they have a more realistic understanding of their career goals
  • require less training as they have real industry knowledge or product understanding

These factors tend to make second jobbers more commercially attractive and its our mission to let you have access to them.

To find out more about vacancy advertising, CV searching and brand promotion have a look at our services section below. If you'd like to discuss your recruitment needs with one of our consultants, call us on 020 7609 5400 or drop us an email to and we'll call you straight back. We don't want to just suggest a standard package we want to understand your requirements and suggest a campaign which we think will work best.

Advertising Options

Job advertising including your company logo - example

You may not have (or maybe you do) an instantly recognisable company brand logo, but including your logo with job adverts makes your company instantly recognisable as a direct employer and allow second jobbers to associate brand image with the role advertised. Jobs which include your company not only look better but logo job adverts tend to generate a better application response:

Features of logo job advertising:

  • candidate applications can be directed to either your company recruitment microsite (e.g. or an e-mail address
  • jobs can be posted and include third party tracking links so you can easily track your response and job views
  • to improve the quality of you response jobs can be posted to the site with five filtering questions which you can define. Candidates have to answer YES or NO to the questions before applying
  • your jobs are sent via e-mail to all matching second jobbers in our personalised weekly email shot - the only specific second jobber service which enables this
  • jobs are additionally profiled to the audience of your choice by industry sector to ensure fewer inappropriate applications
  • jobs can be posted via job board posting services like Broadbean
  • logo job adverts are accompanied with a full report describing application quality / quantity charts and page view details a unique feature in the graduate / second jobber market
  • Jobs can also be posted to the site without your company logo known as a standard job advert

Homepage Promotion

Advertising on the creates maximum awareness of your opportunities to almost every candidate visiting the site. At some point the majority of visitiors to hit our home page. Here are some of the unique advertising options on our home page:

Homepage navTab banner

navTab banner
The navTab appears above the fold in the main navigation area of the site. The navTab also appears on every page of the site which second jobbers see. We can link the navTab to a live job, mini-site or offsite and track the number of clicks to navTab receives on a monthly basis.

Homepage Slide banner

homepage slide banner
The homepage slide banner is a shared area of the front page with upto 5 other advertisers. The slide banner can be a linked to a video, a job, mini-site or offsite. The slide banner can be used as part of a "take over" campaign.

Homepage mini banner

mini banner
A mini banner is a 90pix x 35pix mini banner which only appears on the front page of the website - simple.

All banners can appear on the site at specific times or throughout the duration of the campaign.

Mini-sites - example

  • Mini-sites are interactive recruitment brochures designed to drive awareness and quality applications to your graduate opportunities. Mini-sites are designed to provide graduate second jobbers with a real flavour of your company culture, and allow them to compare many graduate employers on a like-for-like basis. They tell everything a graduate needs to know about a company other than the job roles themselves
  • Your mini-sites are automatically suggested to graduates who match your requirements as they travel through the site
  • Every mini-site created automatically creates a mini-site traffic tracking page allows you to view any statistical aspect of users visiting your mini-site and clicking off to your own graduate website (if applicable) in real-time

Banner advertising

Increase your company brand awareness and drive traffic through to your vacancies using one of our banner advert options. Banner adverts are the most visible ways of promoting your vacancies on the web site. Banners can be:

  • tracked using your third party tracking links in order to track clicks and page impressions
  • directed to your live job or mini-site on
  • directed to your own recruitment website.
  • can also track the number of clicks on your banner on a month by month basis

Banners appear on the site in four �flavours�:

Mini Static Banner

Mini Static banners measure 90(w) x 35 pix and appear on every page of the site permanently.

mini banner

Mini Rotated Banner

Mini rotated banners measure 90(w) x 35 pix and appear on every page of the site rotated in a shared space with up to 15 other employers.

mini banner

Industry Sector Sponsorship

Raise your campaign exposure to a specific industry sector on the site with a 270px x 80px banner advert. Call us on 020 7609 5400 to find out the available sectors and costs.

HTML email e-shots

HTML email alerts are key to the success of your campaign to improve application response and quality. You can target graduates with an email e-shot by any combination of University range (top 10-20-30 etc), graduation year, industry sector, degree level, experience, EU citizen, degree course, location and keyword.

With these criteria you can ask us to target any audience, for example:

�Promote my graduate vacancy to all graduates who attended the top 25 universities (as defined by The Good University Guide) in the UK, who studied any engineering discipline, who are interested in Engineering as a career, have some industry experience, gained a 2:1 or above at university, are authorised to work in the EU and would like to work in London or the South East�

We can supply stats detailing the number of successful recipients and the number of total clicks the email generated.

CV Searching is unique in having the only useful CV search database in the graduate market. CVs can be searched by any combination of keyword, industry sector, University, degree course, degree level, location and graduation date - and thats only a small selection! We also provide the ability to view the latest 50 CVs by industry sector. Unique to we allow recruiters to remove graduates from the CV database to ensure that the database contains the most up to date information. Data cleansing is important to us, these is no point having thousands of search results if non of the candidates are current and available for work. We cleanse the database regularly using various techniques and even allow recruiters to remove candidates - who else does that!

Account Management and Support

At we like to think we have great account management and fantastic customer support, responding to your emails and calls within minutes or hours, not days or weeks!. Your account manager will help you to optimise your campaigns with to make sure you are getting the results you want.

We track all jobs and response figures will be reported back to you both during and at the end of your campaigns - if we spot something which needs our or your attention we're pro-active about letting you know.

We also pride ourselvs on not punting you from sales person to sales person to accont manager and back and forth. We take responsibility for your business and make sure you deal with as few contacts at as possible.

Your account managers will also tailor packages to suit your needs and budget. So, when you request information about please tell us as many details as you can about what you need and what results you want. This means we can give you a solution which will both exceed your expectation and come in on budget.

We�d love to help you attract the top second jobbers out there today so do call us on 020 7609 5400 or drop us an email to and we�ll call you straight back.