Graduate Schemes for Second Jobbers

Although many don't realise it, Graduate Schemes are still a great option for graduates with some substantial work experience. Take a look at our latest schemes:

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Why would I want to join a graduate scheme?

Graduate schemes are a terrific way to develop your career. Regardless of how long you have been working since University, a graduate scheme allows you to work across multiple areas of large, multi-national organisations. The benefits and experience gained from taking part in a graduate scheme can be huge as you are being trained to become a future leader of the company.

Who are they aimed at?

Graduate schemes are usually considered to be aimed at students who are fresh out of University but this is not necessarily the case. As the graduate job market becomes more and more competitive, graduate scheme employers are looking for more than a 2.1 in a particular degree subject. Relevant work experience is becoming crucial to a successful graduate job application and it gives an applicant a lot more to discuss in interviews or on application forms.

Where can I find them?

Aside from the graduate schemes listed above, it is a good idea to use Google and search for the sectors that you are interested in. Also, think about companies that you would enjoy working for and look them up specifically. Schemes usually open around September / October time and, if you were successful, you wouldn’t start work until the following September. So if you are currently in work, think carefully about when to hand in notices and how to arrange days off for interviews and assessment centres.